Can you really make money by property flipping?

We all know that property is big business these days, but is it really possible to flip a property in order to make money on a regular basis? Not just a lucky streak or a one off, with the right skills and a tried and tested formula, you too can master the art of property flipping in no time.

For those who don’t already know, property flipping is when you buy an undervalued property, fix it up and sell it on for a profit. Simple right? Well, it actually is when you know what you’re doing. It just takes a little bit of knowledge and a realistic attitude.

There are a few basic areas to check before purchasing a property for a flip and these are: what is the area like, how much work will it take to fix it up, and would your target market actually want to live in a house like this? Once you’ve answered each of those questions, and provided viable solutions, then you’re on your way to flipping your first property!

The truth is that not every flip makes tens of thousands of pounds in profit, some make a little, some make a lot, but as long as you’re sensible and don’t rush into anything, you’ll be rolling in the cash before you know it. When flipping a property, the key is to always overestimate the costs, the labour and the time it will take, so you’ll always be ahead of the game.

So, can you really make money by property flipping? Yes you can! Flipping property isn’t always the easiest, but the rewards far outweigh the hardships, and there’s no feeling like finally selling that property you’ve worked so hard on.