Mind Set

A critical aspect of becoming a successful property investor is having the right mind-set by which I mean your attitude and beliefs. Our beliefs are built up from our own personal experience and our perspective of the world. Your beliefs are incredibly strong and absolutely true for you. Whether you believe you can do something or can’t do something you are always correct! You will also seek evidence to support your beliefs and re-enforce them.

Here’s an example of how strong beliefs are. On 6th May, 1954 Roger Banister was the first person in history to run a mile in under 4 minutes. Never before had this been achieved as most thought it was impossible. Doctors said that the human body could not move that fast and yet one man proved that is was possible. In the 12 months after Roger had broken this world record, a number of other runners also achieved this incredible feat. So what changed for those runners? Was it a new running technique, improved diet, or better shoes? No, quite simply, inspired by Roger they changed their belief of what was possible.

The same is true in property. If you are looking to become successful in the world of property you need to have that winning attitude and strong self-belief. Ask yourself why  some people become successful? Some of the greatest achievers of the past century have been at rock bottom but continued ignoring the negativity that surrounds them believing in themselves and becoming highly successful .

Everyone has the ability to be successful with the right strategies, mentoring and most importantly positive mental attitude, allowing yourself to step away from your old mundane daily slog of going to work and living day by day and starting to  realising your real potential