Why do we need to understand peoples thought patterns and how people perceive you!
When looking to purchase a property it’s key to understand that negotiating on the price is quite often where you make your profit.  Buying a property at market value leaves no room for market fluctuation, refurbishment or buying and selling costs, leaving you potentially in negative equity. Being a strong negotiator is crucial.
Learning how to negotiate isn’t always easy but learning NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques can be extremely useful. Everyone knows that relationships are the most important part of the property business.
  When you are confident, your clients and customers will have confidence in you.
People judge self-confidence by whether or not someone is able to speak up, if they can meet our gaze, the way we walk, carry our bodies and by how much initiative and determination we display.
Imagine having skills that create absolute trust, confidence and integrity.
After all, you are the face of your property business so it makes sense that you would want to maximize on your communication skills, confidence, beliefs and values.
Learning how to read peoples body language and to build instant rapport,  can make you a very successful property negotiator allowing you to build a property portfolio and gain Financial Freedom!