Sourcing Deals

If you’re wanting a career change into the world of property look no further. Sourcing Deals is a growing trend for people who are looking to get into the property business, without much or if any initial outlay, where and what deals you source is down to you.

Whether you are looking to source cheap properties i.e. BMVs through networking with your local estate agents or start leafleting in your local area offering home owners a quick purchase there is always property deals out there.

Once you’ve obtained these deals you need to have potential buyers lined up and ready to move as these deals won’t hang around. Building your network of contacts to purchase your deals is just as important as getting the deals. You can use various ways to build your network whether it’s through property meets, social media and networking events there’s lots of ways to meet potential investors that will be more than keen to pay you well for your efforts.

Always make sure you have a contract in place for a fee agreement before handing over a deal, and always make sure if you have a agreed to pay a fee that that you stick to your agreement not only to keep your reputation but also as you will keep getting repeat business in the future. Most property sources will charge a set fee of anything from £1,000-£5,000 depending on the size of the deal.

The property business is a very small world and with social media it’s even smaller so building a strong credible reputation as a Deal Sourcing Guru is an important part of your success. When you are out meeting agents always make sure you look your best and are prepared, have business cards at the ready and a brief pitch for the agent or investor.

Once you get used to speaking to agents and investors you will learn a lot about the market and soon be able to start buying some of your own deals with the profits you’ve made.